Below are links to some of my musical compositions and performances. First up is a song I wrote in 2016 called “Your Dream Lives On,” which captures the essence of my desire to make the world a better place. Click here to purchase an mp3 of it.

Next is a neoclassical piano piece I wrote, called “Palindrome.” Watch at least until 0:45. Something funny happens there. Click here to get the sheet music for it.

The following is just an arrangement of a popular math song. (Listen all the way to the end; it’s all about the minor coda.) Click here to get the sheet music for it.

Here’s a praise song I wrote back when I was still involved in church music:
(I’m still proud of it, even though I’m not a believer anymore.)

And this is my performance of Chopin’s first scherzo (b minor) at my high school senior recital (1999):

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