I aim to make art that inspires, makes people think, and encourages people to set aside their differences and work together. (I admit I don’t always succeed on this last point.)

My most recent piece — and the one I’m most proud of — is a colored pencil drawing titled A Higher Game. Click here to see the progress photos and read the story behind it or here to see a related video. Below is the final product, which you can click on to buy a poster of it.

Another piece I’m especially proud of is my coloring of the famous Flammarion Engraving. The story behind this is that I wanted a colored poster for my classroom but couldn’t find one I liked, so I decided to color it myself. I spent about a month on it, and the original now hangs on the wall at the school where I taught most recently. (Click on the image to buy a poster of it.)

And sometimes I get a concept for a drawing, and I collaborate with a former student (who is a much better artist than I am) to bring it to fruition. Below is an idea I had for T-shirts and bumper stickers.

And a while back, I drew this picture of a candle, which is actually a metaphorical self-portrait. It’s a candle that has been extinguished but is still glowing. I’m the candle; the extinguished flame represents my loss of faith; and the continued internal glow in the candle represents the good things that I still carry inside me from my years immersed in Christianity. It’s called Afterglow. (Colored pencil on black paper.)

And, finally, here’s a drawing of one of our dogs. I did this on a yellow 3×5-inch index card (so it’s quite small) right after I got my first set of Prismacolor pencils: