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Confessions of a Rogue Missionary is now available on Audible and other audiobook platforms. Check it out:


Review: Confessions of a Rogue Missionary by Henry Rambow

Confessions of a Rogue Missionary has received its first review, over at the Nowhere Tribune. Check it out:

Nowhere Tribune

Before his first mission to China, Henry Rambow went through training which, among other things, taught him to hide his Christianity. He learned to cover his Bible with a brown paper sack, learned code words for Christian terms, and learned to keep his voice lower than surrounding noise so not to be heard by those who bugged his hotel rooms and buses. But the China Mr. Rambow trained to visit, the one we hear about in Sunday School, is not the China that Mr. Rambow found to be reality.

Most of Rambow’s memoir, Confessions of a Rogue Missionary, takes place during his trips to China, two of which were in connection with missionary groups, the others independently, making a living as a teacher. He regularly attended and served in a Christian church where real sermons were preached (according to another missionary, more “orthodox” than the underground churches), real prayers…

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Confessions of a Rogue Missionary — A Memoir

Confessions of a Rogue Missionary, a memoir, is now available.

As a National Merit Scholar majoring in physics and math at Rice University, Henry Rambow thought of himself as a rational person. But primed by years of Sunday School and haunted by a promise made as a terrified child, he nevertheless fell head over heels into a fundamentalist sect of evangelical Christianity. Confessions of a Rogue Missionary is an account of his ensuing struggle—and eventual failure—to reconcile his faith with reason.

At times dryly humorous and at times sober and contemplative, the story is set in motion when Henry is “born again.” Brimming with newfound zeal—but plagued by doubt from the very beginning—he travels to Beijing as a missionary in the guise of an English teacher, where he tries desperately to embrace the culture and win disciples for Jesus. Culture clashes and miscommunications result in a series of cringe-inducing encounters in unlikely settings, ranging from a brothel to a military base.

Eventually, the very questions that troubled him from the start prove to be too much, and his faith collapses entirely, leaving him feeling disillusioned—but free.

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Good Guy with a Gun — A Satirical Children’s Book

Good Guy with a Gun, a satirical children’s book, is now available.

For some, the appropriate response to mass shootings seems clear: We need more guns. Such thinking is behind a law in Texas that allows concealed firearms in university classrooms. Even many elementary, middle, and high schools have decided to arm their teachers. And one can now find children’s books that extol the virtues of carrying a gun.

Good Guy with a Gun is a darkly satirical response to these disturbing trends. It tells the story of a gun-toting boy named Cody who initially saves the day when an attacker opens fire at his school. Cody is awarded a medal for his heroism, and everyone else decides to carry a gun as well. This sets the stage for certain terrible events that will drive home the book’s true message.

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